zentangle as a mindful and calming practice

increase mindfulness

the zentangle  newsletter has posted an interesting piece of research. Those that have tangled intuitively knew this already and it is great getting this supported through the studies.

Rick and Maria have shared, preliminary results of clinical trials studying the Zentangle Method. Meredith Yuhas, Ph.D., of Saint Joseph College, West Hartford, CT, is conducting these studies. In preparation, Meredith attended the October 2011 Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminar in Providence, RI.

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overcome anxiety attacks

Linda Farmer writes on Tangle Patterns: “In this occasional series on TanglePatterns, readers describe in their own words how Zentangle® has changed their lives. Tangler Christine S describes how Zentangle helps her overcome panic attacks; she also shares one of her beautiful Zentangle-inspired creations.” for more about how zentangle helped overcome anxiety attacks see:


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