Tangle garden

While I was at Tangle U in Northampton, MA we had so many fascinating sessions. Over the next month I will be sharing, by way of my work,  some of the things we learned.

One speaker was Meriteth Yuhas. Merideth is the Director of Counselling and Wellness Centre at  the University of St Joseph CT and  zentangle as a meditative art form is the the focus of her current research and she uses it with clients.

She spoke of the practice of zentangle as a meditative practice. She also makes wonderful tangle gardens and worked through one with us. I fell in love with them.  I will be offering a lesson series of three classes in May  and the focus will be making tangle gardens.   Stay tuned !!

Here is the one I made so you get an idea about what a tangle garden looks like.

Tangle garden made at Tangle U Northampton, MA, March 2013

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  1. That is simply fabulous. All the shades of grey…the white highlights…I can’t wait to find out how you did it all!! So lovely, so serene. I’m inspired to offer a Tangled Garden class…

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