passing on the learning……

I was asked to hold a zentangle class for some elementary teachers prior to school opening.  Given all the things on  their minds, they relaxing into the learning and each completed a wonderful tile.  I always smile at the difference in the tiles when everyone gets the same directions.  They are as different as the people who make them. Fascinating.

Here is the resulting display!  I can hardly wait to see the tangling their students do:)


1 thought on “passing on the learning……

  1. hey Lovely lady!!

    Wonderful! Almost envious I am!!….of the teachers! I have moved to my son’s in the NE. Homeless once again! I know the feeling when I hear people talking about being homeless. I am homeless because I couldn’t afford my rent, and it is going up so I choose to leave my apt., and gave everything away, and kept my very few personal belongings ( & of course, my Zentangles). Feels good to unload, and thankful for my son Al and his wife Cheryl for allowing me to bunk-in in their basement. Living out of 10 suitcases, and am in a safe place. I will resume my Tangling classes once I am in an affordable apt. LOL!!

    Mary Rita

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