Where do the tangle names come from?

I would say that tangles are commonly named for the pattern that inspires them, but not always. At least not directly named. The tangle name is often indirectly connected to the inspiring source.  Yesterday in a ‘beyond the basics’ class we were talking about this and I used an example of the tangle ‘florz’. It is an elegantly simple grid tangle created by Rick and Maria.  Later, after the class, I checked out the zentangle blog and surprise, the post included a picture of their stove and the floor that inspired the tangle florz. Leone, an enthusiastic student who just developed her own tangle said it helps to remember the tangle if she knows the story behind it.  I agree.

Check out the floor that inspired florz. The post is all about borders and Maria’s infatuation with them.

I couldn’t find the step out but here is a post where Maria shares some inspiring Florz tiles. 

If you want to see lots of tangle and step outs,  a great resource is Linda Farmer site. Tanglepatterns.com