A set of tangles evolved from an old woven room divider

The following tangles were inspired by the design on an old woven room divider that I use as a sun screen.  revolution inspiration

Starting at the center I took 7-9 rays off the center circle, then added the lines to finish the pattern. By turning or revolving the tile at each section lines are kept organized and aligned to the correct angle in relation to the centre.  I call it Revolution.


revolution I then wondered what would happen I used the same idea of a ray off the centre but use an oval at the centre, revolve the tile, and add slightly curved rays out from the oval. Ovolution was born. Here is a utube video that Bernie Galerie made on this tangle  



Playing further I tried a square and triangle at the center, took rays off them in a rotating manner and it worked so I called them squavolution and trivolution.







All four tangles work well on a tile respecting the strings that are laid down.


The key is taking rays off the center shape and building outward in a rotating fashion.



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