Zentangle Renaissance tiles

I was thrilled when my  tiles, introduced in the November by Rick and Maria, came at the beginning of December, but I just couldn’t get time to do some tangling. Over this last week things have slowed down and I wanted to share a few tiles with you. I have so enjoyed these tiles. They are a light tan colour and seem to be a bit thinner than regular tiles.  The inks from the black, brown and red microns show up so well and look amazing together. I also love the white highlights from the jelly roll pen and the white charcoal pencil.

Rick and Maria write:

With our white Zentangle tiles, we introduced tangling in black with shades of gray. With our black Zentangle tiles, we introduced tangling with white and shades of white and we added layering black on top of white (on top of black, etc).  With our Zentangle Renaissance tiles, we bring all these techniques together!

Here ‘s what I have so far.