an organic alternate to a grid string

I love the tangle N’zeppel, second only to Mooka. When working up a clay project 2012, I decided to play with the idea of a ray coming off a centre circle to create a string. I had three variations of strings for this tangle. The first two were shown to us at the CZT training in Providence, RI by Rick and Maria. You can see N’zeppel in this issue of their newsletter.  Here is a tile done with the grid string, the pool ball bouncing around string and the rays coming off a centre, or spiral grid string.

N'zeppel 3 ways     This tangle proved to be a pleasing design for a hand build pot.

image I have recently played around with this same idea as a basic string as an alternative to a grid for other grid tangles. It is basically a spiral grid. The string has lines or rays done in one direction and then the other. The trick is to keep them the same distance and curve the same amount. There can be three, four, or more rays. It really helps to rotate your tile as you build this string. image   …… and then I filled it in with other tangles that would normally be done on a grid. Some work some don’t. I’m not that thrilled with how Yincut looks, perhaps it needs to play a bit more. I’ll be exploring other grid tangles and see which work nicely as a spiral grid. Share with me if you fond a good one.

Here a few pieces using N’zeppel in a spiral grid.

I was inspired by Dorian Eng to make this lovely little pillow box. Check out her site to make one:)

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  1. Thank you for the idea! I used it for the current String Thing challenge and only belatedly realised that you had also done this with beelight already. I am sorry and was not intending to copy you or anything. Today I tried two different versions with Facets. Your spiral grid seems to be addictive. However, I find it hard to draw the arms free hand.

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