Tangle U folded paper tangle kit

I attended a great session by Maria Vennekins at Tangle U. Maria travelled from the Nertherlands to attend Tangle U as a learner and to offer this elective class. I was lucky to get in as it was a small class. She modeled this after seeing decorated books made by chinese women to keep their sewing supplies in. She adjusted the measurements and designed a kit that holds pens, tiles, reference cards and bijou tiles.  So handy and beautiful.

book cover bijou tile storage space inside pens storage tile storage

2 thoughts on “Tangle U folded paper tangle kit

  1. Hi Heather, yes I am scouting out paper and have tentively set aside Sat June 6 not sure of the exact cost yet but am thinking $75-100 and it would be 4 hours or so.

  2. What an interesting project! This would be fun to create. Will you be having a class on this?

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