DivaChallenge # 243

l’m a bit late to post this but had to get it in. I love simplicity and this challenge fits the bill.

Laura asks us to create a tile that leaves over have of the tile blank… like 60-70%. 

Last June I attended a weekend workshop hosted by Karen Izzie. I flew to her studio in Exton, Pennsylvania where Beckha Krahula, author of One Tangle a day and 500 Tangled Artworks, filled the amazing weekend with art techniques for us to learn.  Beckha has deep knowledge so if you don’t listen carefully you only get one layer of what she is sharing. It is kind of like a fire hose, the ideas and tips, and ‘ watchout fors’ just keep coming.  I especially loved the day she taught us about metal point. By the end of the day I was hooked, and bought everything I could from Beckha to support this new medium to enhance my zentangle techniques. Since June I have been reading and experimenting and next week I am off to London to visit my friend, and spend time at the British Museum at the Metalpoint exhibit. So wonderful to have a friend to stay with and loves to spend a whole day at a museum with me.   I can hardly wait to see the masters work.

This is my tile for the challenge. It is done in silverpoint on a treated bijou zentangle tile. The first picture is looking directly at the tile, the second picture has the light to the side so the silver shines. The tangle is Ipso by Jennifer Hohensteiner, CZT. It is such a simple, elegant tangle and shows itself amazing all alone on a tile. I think it leaves more than 70% white.  Be sure to check out all the other submissions!

Loved this challenge. Thanks Laura

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