Tangleations are the best

I love the creative nature of Zentangle. Once a person is literate in the basics and has a few tangles that Rick and Maria call “comfort ‘ or “mac and cheese tangles” then let the tanglelations begin.

For the last 5 years I have taught zentangle, I end each beginner class by teaching the basic tangle Nzeppel. Then I show my students two tangelations. One  I learnt from Rick and Maria at the training in Providence, a pool ball running around on your space draws the reticula. The other I began to do because I love spirals. Even before learning zentangle I was drawn to all things spiral. Did you know that the stem of a dandelion, when put in water turns into a spiral? Try it. It is beautiful.

Spirals are one of the magical patterns of nature. Spiral shape in nature

Beginner class Nzeppel tangleations

Demonstrates to tanglers the idea that once you are literate in a tangle you can change it up and make it you own!


Here is the latest tile from the beginner class on Saturday.  I have many of these from my classes and each time I draw it, it is familiar, satisfying and calming for me.

The Reticula is,the basic matrix, the random, pool ball running around on your tile, and finally a spiral reticula. they all register as Nzeppel but look distinctly different. Tangelations!



When I feel like going in circles, I love to draw my spiral Nzeppel tangelation. 

Much to my pleasure a new tangle came out that I have grown to love and I am sure it is because of the spiral nature and it resonates to my Nzepple tangleation. 



This piece is done in metal point. October 2017.