312. Eco printing for tanglers, another wonderful way to extend tangling

I was entranced with eco printing at a week long class I took with Beckah Krahula and Sharla Hicks at a BigBear retreat.

I went for another week retreat Wisconsin, Dancing With Nature’s Muses, put on by CZT Joanne Zarling-Gruchalski. The class featured Beckah Krahula, who taught us many amazing techniques.

Since then I’ve been playing and playing.

I’m testing out a few classes for experienced tanglers. There will be no tangling actually taught, so you’ll have to bring your favorite tangles.

If you are interested email me and I’ll see what we can arrange. Once I get things down in these test classes, I’ll run a series of full day classes. 3 people is the class size I can handle. I’ll put you on the list, please indicate weekday or weekend only or either.

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