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Tangling with metal points

When I saw this technique, and gave it a go, I was instantly in love with metal point. In June of 2015 Karen Izzie, CZT held a weekend workshop and Beckah Krahula, CZT was teaching. The day is seared in  my memory because it had such an impact on me.

We were asked to bring metal objects from home. Using some different grounds Beckah brought, we played the whole day. I have been tangling in metal ever since and have taught several classes using metal point since that.

So what is metal point?

Here is a link to my page about it. Tangle in Silver and Gold

One of my favorite pieces is one done in silver and platinum. Spoken, a favourite tangle, looks amazing.


The Tangle Spoken done in Sliver, red brass and platinum on Natural Pigments Grounds

The tangle strokes are done in silver, the shading in red brass and the background is the platinum. This piece is about 8 months old so it has a nice patina on the silver, the red brass is the brownish shading and weight behind the tangle and the platinum is not visible face on. When held to the sun light, the platinum glints beautifully, the red brass looks golden and the silver shines with blues and greens. I used natural Pigment grounds and added a touch of blue when I mixed up the grounds.


If you are interested in materials or supplies for metal point please contact me.  Sgchatelain@gmail.com

We also got to see an amazing book store, a drive to Philli, seeing giant hosts and yes a tattoo. What a treat.

next post: Visiting London to see Metal Point art in person.

Enthatching technique from Zentangle

Sorry about the last few empty posts… learning curve….

I was watching the  Project pack #2 YouTube video on the tangle Rumpus again and caught a technique I had never heard of before.

Enthatching Technique


Oh, what’s that?

Rick and Maria are calling this technique Enthatching…..a way to add color and interest to the tangle.  Rick indicates that starting with more pressure and as you come away lifting the pen up is the technique.

So I tried it and it works wonderfully. Here are a few more of my tiles with enthatching.

Here are a few more of my tiles with enthatching.

The next few points will be about a technique that I am loving!