201. Tangle reference library………………Original tangle series

Class 201.  A perfect next class for beginners or those who have been tangling and want to learn all the official tangles. Build a full set of official tangles so you can spread them out and decide on your next tangle. Once your reference is complete, you will have the all the tangles at your fingertips and room to grow your reference.  Work on these wonderful “Bijou” tiles to create your own set of 2 x 2 tiles. You know how hard it is to think of that next tangle!

Class description:

The 12 classes run in three sets of 4 classes. You register for each set separately.

Set A  four classes-  total of 8 hours of instruction

Set B  four classes-  total of 8 hours of instruction

Set C  four classes-  total of 8 hours of instruction

Three sets of classes run through the year and do not need to be taken in order. In each class you will learn a border tangle, a feature tangle, a challenging tangle,a dead easy tangle, a set that look alike and are often confused,  and a grid tangle. All other tangles are randomly placed though the 12 classes.   For the last 20 minutes you will begin a ZIA that includes all 12 tangles so you can see how they work together with a string and sit beside each other. I will be coaching if you need me and will re teach the tangles as necessary. You will walk away with your growing collection of tangles on a bijou tile, nicely organized in an your slotted binder page.


This class is ongoing so you can join at the beginning of any set.

Focus: foundational class    Official zentangle tangles to create your own reference library of tangles.

Each class set A,B, and C has 4 classes- 2 hours each    -supplies included  –  bijou tile and display pockets for binder.

Bring your mini kits from your beginner class

cost: $160.00 per set.

For upcoming dates click here.

Reviews of this class:

 “I loved the tangle library classes.  To have the official Zentangle patterns on the Bijou tiles as a visual reference is a gift.  I had about a month between classes to practice the patterns we had been taught before getting a new batch of patterns in the next class.  But also the fellowship around the table as the same classmates met for each class was a pleasure.  And Sandra is an awesome, patient and talented teacher of this beautiful art form!” Barb B

“I really enjoyed the tangle library classes. It was great to meet the other students and spend several classes with them – and you too of course!

The classes were interesting and fun and I learned to slow down and relax more taking several classes in a row.
Having a library of tangles has been an excellent way to jump start my Zentangle practice – I’m all excited again!

Thanks very much again. I’m looking forward to the Zentangle conference in March. ” Barb S 🙂

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