Being mindful

I try to be in the present moment to enjoy what is currently around me. At times it is a struggle. I also enjoy recalling events of the past and smiling as I remember the people, places, sights, sounds and feelings of the memory. When I am more mindful during an experience I seem to recall more detail later. Was I directly trying to attend to the event or just being in a state of mindfulness, instead of mindlessness, during the experience is not always clear years later yet some experiences are more vivid than others.

Today I found an interesting link on Zentangle-Time to Tangle, the blog of a fellow CZT,  Diane Lachances. Diane lives in Concord, New Hampshire, and although I have spent time in beautiful New Hampshire, and we have never met, I visit her blog from time to time.  The link that caught my attention was the trailer for  a new movie on mindfulness. You might find it interesting too.

Also,  new class dates are now posted on the sidebar.