In 2015 I took a class with Beckah Krahula that changed my love of tangling. I signed up for a workshop organized by a fellow CZT, Karen Izzie. I didn’t even know what metal point was. It began my new learning journey into the world of metal point and soon became a passion.

Here are two early pieces done on Zentangle® Bijou tiles.  The first although a bit dark, is looking straight. The second is when held at an angle in a sunbeam.  This piece is done in sterling silver on Golden Silverpoint grounds.

I played around with tangling in silver for about 6 months after the workshop then went to London to visit Janice, my girlfriend of 50 years, and one of my favourite people to visit museums with. We went to the metal point exhibit at the British Museum. I had to go back 3 times while I was there, it was so inspirational.

Thank you Beckah for making me this little promo video:


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I  offered classes in the technique in the summer 2017. Please sign to indicate interest and I will use this list to send invitations once I have a few interested people to set the dates.  Sign up for more info on this class link

Here are some resources for you to look over:

Need some metal points? If you live in Canada and need points I have a good selection. Email me at

copper, brass, platinum, gold, silver, thick and thin points


I also sell a great little binder to store your tiles in and keep the protected from fingerprints and scratches.

1. Natural Pigments metal point supplies…
2. Natural Pigment grounds…
3. Informative websites:
5. Society of Metal point artists
6. History of metal point
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