My Tangles ..

January 2016

In December 2015 I attended the Celtic exhibit at the British Museum in London,UK. I saw

Ultic and Diva Dance

Ultic and Diva Dance

a beautiful design that developed into Ultic.

It works well alone, as a series or as a surrounding pattern. Love it with Dive dance.






March 2014

This tangle “Ubble” tangle inspired by an Art Nouveau lecture I attended.

October 2013

My tangle created room screen, click here to see the full story woven screen and my step outs.

Click here to see a video of trivolution made by Melinda Barlow, CZT.

Click here to see Eni Oken, CZT use Revolution.


June 2013

This tangle emerged as I was working on samples for  an organic tangle garden I was teaching. It was inspired by fescue and mooka, and the branching growth pattern of the flowers on tomato plants. I dedicate this tangle to the students in the May 2013 garden tangle class. Rita, Cheryl, Janis, Barb and Heather.

2 thoughts on “My Tangles ..

  1. Hi Lesia,you are welcome and thanks for your comments.I loved doing this organic tangle too. It has a good flow to it. I agree they could be separate, I see them as tangleations on the first round pattern. If you want I could pop your pattern up in a post on my site, no name attached.

  2. I found your tangle on Pinterest, and it interested me enough to click onto your website. I just love this and so love all your variations, which I thank you for. I love that it is ‘organic’ rather than a grid pattern. I wish more organic patterns were put out in the tangle world. Your variations can almost be separate tangles, and your shading and technique is fantastic! I unintentionally made a ‘new’ tangle, but I can’t get myself to submit it, as I don’t want my full name out in cyber world. Wish I could submit it anonymously 🙂 Now that I’ve found your web site, I will follow it. Thank you so much!

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