Article talks about the power of drawing to improve focus and memory.

I would say 75% of the students who come to classes say they saw zentangle and were drawn to it because it resonated with them from doodling at school, in meetings, while on the phone or writing the grocery list.   Line drawing, intentional and mindful like zentangle art or random and mindless, helps to focus on the the activity at hand.

For more information and to read the wall stree journal article click here: Read further in this interesting article. 

Zentangle bring those “doodles” into an intentional focus and pleasing results.  Know a doodler?  Introduce them to the art of zentangle.

Bring them to the WeLove2Tangle gathering in Calgary on March 21,2015. Link here for full information.

Brighten your day with a Sunchatelain

I have opened a store on the zazzle site.  I have been working on a number of pieces I call Sunchatelains. Three were given in a postcard exchange for 2015 with other CZT’s.   One is donated to my Grand Nephews Soccer team auction. They are hoping to go to a soccer tournament in South America. I am donating 5 % of my sales profits from January 31, 2015 to January 31, 2016 towards their trip. Here are my sunchatelains. The brown tone one is the auction item and the design on the products in the Zazzle store. Sunchatelain

Click to check out the items in the Zazzle store. Click here.⇒Laughing Orchid Studio