Certified Zentangle Teacher ACT deck swap

I decided to join the CZT Artist Card exchange and really enjoyed tangling the 53 cards.  They are off to Sharon Payne the organizer.  Sharon is sorting out the decks to everyone so we will get back a deck of 52 cards tangled by other CZT artists and I can hardly wait to get them and see everyone’s amazing work. I worked is sets of about 6 ATC’s varying the theme. One set is Mooka, one set has a blank space, another has fengle in it, and I added the new tangles of Aqua fleur, N’zepple in a spiral string instead of the grid and then used pencil crayon to add the colour, and in another I added water colour as a background then tangled on top….and so on. I so enjoyed it.

Hard to send off all these ATC’s that I’ve been working on since October.

Diva Challenge #138

A while back I started collecting tangles that looked good as frames so when I saw the Maria and Rick’s new blog entry about borders and then the diva challenge related to it I was thrilled. Now I get to see how other tanglers create borders.

So many amazing entries, take a look!    I am the diva website link

Here is my entry.


I wanted to add color but did not want to forget what the black and white  zentangle looked like so I took pictures during the process.  Here is the evolution of the tile.

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