Diva challenge # 178

I haven’t participated in the challenge for a while but the challenge to make a duo tangle using our initials sparked my interest.  I decided to use two official zentangle®  tangles – cadent and shattuck, both grid type tangles, which I usually avoid.

Interesting to see all the tangles people choose to use, such a good selection of tangles to see in one place.  Visit Laura’s site to see this amazing show of tangles. I Am The Diva, CZT

Diva Challenge #178

Drawing while listening means retaining more information??

Another piece of evidence that drawing while listening can actually help some people retain more.

A zentangle student of mine, Bev, sent me this link to a CBC radio talk about doodling. Again, it provides more information on how some people can actually retain more if they put the pen to paper. The benefit of being a zentangle artist is that you have a more intentional, and satisfying result.

Thanks for passing this on Bev!