Mooka Monotangle the Diva Challenge # 111

Thank you Laura!  ….. for this challenge:

Weekly Challenge #111: “More-Mooka-Madness Monotangle-Mania”

I loved Mooka the very first time I saw it. It has such a nice flow and open stroke. It reminds me of a family and closeness. The variations of Mooka go nicely into a tangle garden.

A ZIA Mooka tangle done in free motion quilting

A ZIA Mooka tangle done in free motion quilting

Mooka Monotangle

Finally…. feeling comfortable enough with my free motion quilting to do some zentangles

I started tangling because I found a write up about zentange® on a quilting website. I wanted to free motion quilt and loved the look of the zentangle patterns in thread and cloth. It has been over a year’s journey going back and forth between the quilting and tangling, but so worth it. Next weekend I am taking a class at a local quilt shop to learn more about free motion quilting and they are using zentangle as the focus. I can hardly wait.

I loved Mooka the moment I saw the tangle in a zentangle newsletter. Here is the tangle on a tile, a pieces of ZIA in clay, and now in free motion quilting.      What fun!