An elegant way to display zentangle tiles

Before Christmas I ordered some of the stained glass displays for the zentangle tiles.  I just got around to putting them up. I love how they look.

I have a small jut out wall just as you enter the living room and it was the perfect place to put them.


A peek at the Organic Tangle Garden Class

We have just finished the set of classes and I wanted to share what these amazing students did.

We had a great time learning, talking and sharing. Wow, once got started we couldn’t stop. The 1.5 hour class ended a 2 hours every time. I have now revised the class and made it two parts so folks can take Part I, practice and take Part II when they feel ready, as well as made both classes 2 hours long.

Summer  dates for the Organic Tangle Garden class will be posted soon.

Here are the pictures from the class. Thank you to all the students. What a great bunch!