Future Class Dates and Detailed information links

Please click the title of the specific class below for class description and fee. Please email me  at sgchatelain@gmail.com to register. Once you register I will send you an invoice confirming your registration.  Payment is due as invoiced.

 Introduction to zentangle, beginner classes…..

101.   Adult beginner class.    Where it all begins…. 

email sgchatelain@gmail.com to register

                  Saturday, June 9, 2018 1:00 – 3:00

102. Foundations class series   The next class that gives you solid grounding and extends your basic tangling knowledge.


Beyond the Basics…..classes to take to extend your tangling skills

201. Tangle Reference Library Create your set of official tangles on Bijou tiles 2 set of 4 classes to learn them all.  This class runs through the year starting in September. Join in any of the sets as there is no specific order to the classes.     Max 4 students. Priority enrolment given to returning students.

email sgchatelain@gmail.com to register

Set A.  TBD

Set B  Wednesdays May 23, May 30, June 6, June 13 2:00 – 4:00

Set C    TBD      

205. More Tangles….. for a meditative and creative practice to extend your skills.   There is a different focus for each class.   email sgchatelain@gmail.com to register


Project classes…. use your tangling skills in different ways

CLASS 306.  Tangled Quotes

Join me at a class to share quotes and tangles, and I’ll I’ll guide you as you work, support you with tangles and composition.

3 hour class $60.00    Saturday, May 12  1:00-4:00.

16 Comments on “Future Class Dates and Detailed information links

  1. Your work looks beautiful. Do you just have one class a month for beginners and if so when and where would the February class be and held. Thank you.

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