Join me in a small class setting to learn all about zentangle
   Classes from a CZT let you explore your creativity while learning more about this interesting and different new art form …..

Where do I start?   click the active links to learn more about each class.

Introduction to Zentangle

This is the class where it all begins….. 
Class 101. Adult beginner classes
Class 102. Beginner Foundations Class Series 

Where do I go from here? Thses classes are to develop your technique

Beyond the basics classes classes…

Lots of choices. Click the active links to learn more about each class. 
A beginner class is a prerequisite for any beyond beginner classes.  Bring along your kits from the first class and extra supplies are included in each class. 
     Class 201.  Tangle Reference Library    The perfect next step after the beginner class
     Class 205.  More tangles   ongoing dates with a different type of tangle focus for each class


 Zentangle Inspired Art-  ZIA  and project classes  

 These classes help you take zentangle beyond the traditional zentangle tiles.  Click the link titles to read more about each class.  Check current class schedule to see if one is coming up soon. I rotate classes or run a class if you request a specific class and I can meet a minimum of 3 tanglers. 

Class 301.   Organic tangle garden class
Class 302.  Tangle in Color  
Class 303.  More colour for tangles 
Class 304.  Tangle a zentangle supplies case
Class 305.   Tangling the Blues
Class 306.  Tangled colouring book made by you!
Class 307.  Funky houses 
Class 308. Tangled Mandala
Class 309. Tangled this and that
       Class 310. Tangles Quotes 
       Class 311. Paint pot tangling
       Class 312. Eco printing and tangling

    Technique focused classes build your knowledge and help focus your style
     Class 401.   Shading for Zentangle Art 
     Class 402.  Preparing tiles for tangling ….add color as a background 
     Class 403. Private class
     Class 404. Tangled Library- CZT created advanced series  
     Class 405.  Tangling in pencil
     Class 406. Fragments and Reticula

Zentangle classes are offered during the day or evening, occasionally Thursday evenings, Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays during the day.  The classes vary in length and cost, please check each class description for specific class details.    If you cannot make the posted date, or would like a private class contact me and we can arrange something.

How to Sign up…  If you are interested in attending or arranging a class please email me at  and I will get back to you with the location and confirm your request.  Payment is due upon receiving the invoice. No refunds are given but you can apply the amount to another class that is scheduled. 

If you would like to be placed on the mailing list for future classes (Zentangle basics class a prerequisite) please sign up using this link. 

Read comments others have said to Rick and Maria at  about their zentangle experience.

Here is a testimony from a tangler who has taken classes for several years now.

When I first met Sandra, I had heard about zentangle and was intrigued by this form of drawing. As someone who couldn’t draw a straight line or decent circle, it was a step out of my comfort zone. But, I found her website, found her classes and signed up. From the moment she welcomed me at her door, I felt accepted and comfortable. Sandra is encouraging and enthusiastic. She supports students at every level of their talent and ability, and I always went home with something I was very proud to show others. Thanks to Sandra, and her kind and warm method of instructing, I have felt confident enough to explore many other forms of art that I might have never tried before. Sandra’s kind and gentle spirit and enthusiasm for her art has made a significant impact on students like me. Kara T

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