About Me……

I am aspiring to the creative side, after a wonderful 30 year career as an educator.

I live with my husband, Barry, our Conure Parrot, Ruby and our dog Thor, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I tangle, sew, garden, volunteer, read, play with clay creations, learn, travel, camp in our 1978 vintage Argosy trailer and have tea with family and friends.

I teach Zentangle to people who are learners and want to create.  They are attracted to Zentangle as an entry point into the creative world.  It’s simplicity allows anyone to learn to draw beautiful images. Once comfortable with the basics of Zentangle, they come to more classes, or use other avenues to become increasing literate in this art form. Learning through Zentangle is limitless and I can open door to new and novel art techniques.

I travelled to Providence RI to be Certified as a Zentangle Teacher, CZT8, in February 2012. To keep learning about Zentangle as an art form, I attended Tangle U 2013 in Northampton, MA .,Tangle U 2014 in Portland, Maine Tangle U in Sante Fe 2015, & Cantangle in Regina 2015. I also enjoyed learning with so many talented CZT’s at ZenAgain in 2016, and Tangle on Niagara in 2017.

I organize WeLove2Tangle as an annual gathering of Zentangle enthusists in the Calgary area. 


This is my one big class and I love to see tanglers meeting and sharing with each other.

I know life changes on a dime

………….and every day is a gift, how did you spend today? 

I believe every needs something to help keep focused in this busy age where so many things are pulling for our attention.  Zentangle is my calm spot in life. I’ll share my tangling world with you, if you are a learner and seeker of new experiences. My classes are small because I relate better in small groups and can attend to your learning needs, while you are with me.

When I first met Sandra, I had heard about zentangle and was intrigued by this form of drawing. As someone who couldn’t draw a straight line or decent circle, it was a step out of my comfort zone. But, I found her website, found her classes and signed up. From the moment she welcomed me at her door, I felt accepted and comfortable. Sandra is encouraging and enthusiastic. She supports students at every level of their talent and ability, and I always went home with something I was very proud to show others. Thanks to Sandra, and her kind and warm method of instructing, I have felt confident enough to explore many other forms of art that I might have never tried before. Sandra’s kind and gentle spirit and enthusiasm for her art has made a significant impact on students like me. Kara T




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